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Let us continue to assist in “bridging the communication gap!”  Providing interpreting services since 1994.



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Bridge Interpreting is pleased to be an RID Approved Sponsor. This designation allows Bridge Interpreting to provide a vital role in professional development for sign language interpreters. We are now tasked with the role of providing and approving appropriate educational activities for interpreters such as group activities (e.g. workshops, lectures, conferences, etc.) and independent study activities (e.g. mentoring and self-study). We are now better able to provide quality and varied opportunities for interpreters to learn, grow and further develop their skills.

If you are seeking an RID Approved Sponsor for approval of a continuing education activity, please select the link most appropriate to your type of request.

General Workshop ActivityActivities developed for group instruction. Examples include short courses (not for academic credit), workshops, seminars, conferences, teleconferences, and distance learning.
General Workshop Activity CEU Request Form

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity (PINRA) – Activities an interpreter wishes to attend which are not offered by an RID approved Sponsor. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with standards specific to its area of expertise. Examples include but are not limited to: auditing a college course, non-credit courses at an educational institution, association or corporate trainings (e.g. American Bar Association, Teacher’s Union, Social Work Association, etc.), school district in-service or an organization’s conventions/workshops.
PINRA CEU Request Form

Archived Webinar PINRA – This is an adapted PINRA Request only to be used when viewing a previously recorded, and now archived, webinar. The webinar must be provided by a presenter or organization with specific expertise in the topic being discussed. Examples include but are not limited to: former NCIEC members, specific interpreting professionals, etc.
Archived Webinar PINRA CEU Request Form

Academic Coursework – CEUs are only awarded for academic coursework successfully completed at a Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognized, accredited institution during the participant’s current cycle. Successful completion is defined as receiving a minimum of a C-average or 2.0 GPA. If the class is pass/fail, a Pass must be earned. This form is only for courses taken for academic credit. If auditing or taking the course for non-credit, please see the PINRA section above.
Academic Coursework CEU Request Form

Independent Study – Independent Study CEUs are an opportunity for an interpreter to design their own learning course. The plan is to be completed with input from and in consultation with the Sponsor, who must then review, approve and monitor any Independent Study project. Activities qualifying as an Independent Study may include, but not be limited to: research, curriculum development, enhancement projects, study groups, development of effective mentoring strategies/evaluation rubrics, or the preparation of scientific/clinical materials for publication. ALL Independent Study plans MUST be approved by the Sponsor PRIOR to the start of the activity.
Independent Study CEU Request

If you are in need of further explanation or assistance regarding the CEU Approval process or other Sponsor activities, please contact Bridge Interpreting at or 816-244-0834 and ask to speak with the RID CMP Administrator.

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Bridge Interpreting is a non-profit, interpreting agency.  We are a department of Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living (MERIL), a Center for Independent Living. As such, we take a unique approach to interpreting services. We believe that the Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals we work with, as well as the businesses, should have a choice of which interpreters they want to work with and strive to meet their choice whenever possible.  We also believe in matching interpreters with assignments based on their skills, the needs of the assignments, and the language match of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing participants.

Bridge Interpreting is looking for interpreters who share our vision and attitude toward interpreting services.  If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to:

Bridge Interpreting
ATTN:  Director of Interpreting Services

This is what some of our interpreters have said:

“This agency allows me the flexibility to live my life on my schedule, allowing me the ability to schedule availability from the comfort of my own home.  Bridge Interpreting goes the extra mile to match their consumer’s needs with the interpreter that best fits that person’s communication style and fits the interpreter’s skills.  Many agencies do not take this extra step to best fit their consumer’s need, instead they take the easy route by throwing out the job to the first interpreter that meets the certification, not factoring in preferences of the consumer.”

“I have enjoyed working as an interpreter for Bridge Interpreting because of the consideration and support they have shown when scheduling me for an interpreting assignment.  Their ability to match my interpreting strengths with the communication needs of the consumer has made for a comfortable and pleasurable work environment.” 

“The staff are incredibly supportive and often go above and beyond for their interpreters.  They do a terrific job of balancing the needs of the deaf community and the interpreters that serve them.  They are reliable, trustworthy, and a dependable group.   It has been a real pleasure to be counted as a member of their team for the past 3+ years.  I look forward to continuing on as a member of the team for many years to come.”

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