I am greatly appreciative for all you have done, not only concerning accommodations, but also for simply existing. Up until now, I was the only deaf person I knew. I knew of course that there were other deaf people out there, but that’s where they were, out there. Now I feel so much more motivated and connected to the world simply because I met you.  Katelyn Vernon

Radio Spots Featuring Communication and Transition Services

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MERIL Transition Services– August 2015
MERIL Transition Services Tools and Team – August 2015
Transition Services Scripts – August 2015

MERIL – Figuring Out the Issues – October 2014
Figuring Out the Issues Script – October 2014

MERIL – Array of Needs – October 2014
Array of Needs Script – October 2014

MERIL – Change a Life – October 2014
Change a Life Script – October 2014

MERIL – Changes in Our Community – October 2014
Changes in Our Community Script – October 2014

The Money Follows the Person (MFP) Demonstration grant is an initiative to support adults with disabilities or the aging, transition from an institutional setting (i.e., skilled nursing facilities or state habilitation centers) to specified community settings.  Eligibility for services and the development of transition plans are coordinated with the Department of Health and Senior Services Regional MFP coordinator, MERIL’s Transitional Coordinator, the participant, nursing facility and family members, if available.

Eligibility Criteria:

      • Currently residing in skilled nursing facility for a period of not less than ninety (90) consecutive days
      • Eligible for Medicaid benefits for at least one day while residing in the nursing facility.  The Medicaid benefits must be in effect immediately prior to the day of enrollment in to the MFP Demonstration.
      • Eligible for Medicaid benefits after the transition to the community
      • Moving to qualified housing in which the health and welfare of the individual can be assured
      • Eligible for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), including nursing facility level of care
      • Agreeable to the terms set forth in the MFP Participant Agreement, which must be signed by the participant.

The Transition Plan Must Include:

        • Housing support preferences and needs
        • Personal care support preferences and needs
        • Medical and behavioral support needs, including a risk management plan
        • Community building/networking support preferences and support needs
        • Transportation needs
        • Assistive technology, adaptive equipment, and mobility needs
        • Employment/day activity preferences and support needs

MFP participants are eligible for the MFP Demonstration grant funding of up to $2,400 per individual to assist with transition costs for the first year of transition.  The funds can be utilized for the following:

          • Current rent/utility deposits (one time only)
          • Cleaning supplies
          • Toiletries
          • Household items, including the purchase of furniture
          • Groceries (one time only)

Click here to view a video created by the Missouri Department of Social Services.

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Based on individual eligibility and available funding, MERIL’s Participant Assistance Fund is designed to help our service participants in a variety of ways:

  • funding to assist with home modification to promote accessibility (ramps, grab bars, bathroom modifications, etc.)
  • funding to assist with securing durable medical equipment (lift chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, shower seats, etc.)
  • emergency assistance funding
  • provision of adaptive equipment as available (magnifiers, video phones, etc.)

To access this fund, service participants work with Community Independent Living Specialists to request funds or equipment on an individual, as needed basis. The request is then provided to the committee who reviews the requests and recommends approval based on available funding and established criteria.

MERIL also participates in a “Gifts in Kind” program and periodically receives donated goods from local businesses. These items are then made available at no cost to our participants with disabilities.



Medical Information

in an Emergency

   Bring the Vial of Life into Your Home

                               Your Basic Medical Information Can Save Your Life!

The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. It contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment.

MERIL is proud to offer FREE Vial of Life kits.

Stop by our office in St. Joseph or Maryville to obtain your kit.