No More Stares

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Mission: No More Stares strives to positively affect attitudes that will assure equality for everyone.



“No More Stares” is a conference created by people with and without disabilities.  It offers an opportunity to positively affect attitudes as people with and without disabilities come together to share life experiences and provide disability-related information and insights to the community at large.  “No More Stares” demonstrates how challenges are being met and how life can be an equal opportunity for everyone.  Attendees are amazed to find so many people in one place who care.

Each year the silent auction gets bigger and better and is helping “No More Stares” to fund the conference without increasing the expenses to the attendees.


Stay posted for information on the next conference!


For more information regarding No More Stares
please call MERIL at 816.279.8558 Voice
800.MERIL4U Toll-free
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