Communication and Youth Transition Services

The unique challenges that the Deaf, hard of hearing, blind or Deafblind individuals face require different methods of teaching and communicating.

MERIL has information and resources about a variety of sensory disabilities. One of the many services we offer is the conversion of written English into Braille.

Communication Services provide:

  • Public Video Phone (VP) Room: A public video phone is available at the MERIL offices in St. Joseph and Maryville, to anyone needing a place to call.  This service is free to anyone who does not have access to a video phone.
  • Galloway Resource Library: Come take a look at our resources for individuals who are blind or Deafblind, including emergency preparedness material written in Braille and information on new technologies available.  Anyone interested in learning more about sign language, Deaf culture or interpreting may view the variety of books and videos we have to browse or check-out.
  • Consultation: Consultation is available for persons with sensory disabilities, businesses, organizations, and schools.  This includes resources for assistive technology.
  • Brailling Resources: Conversion of documents to Braille (i.e. church bulletins, restaurant menus, application forms, brochures).

I am greatly appreciative for all you have done, not only concerning accommodations, but also for simply existing. Up until now, I was the only deaf person I knew. I knew of course that there were other deaf people out there, but that’s where they were, out there. Now I feel so much more motivated and connected to the world simply because I met you.  Katelyn Vernon

Youth Transition Services

MERIL offers Youth Transition Services which assist youth with disabilities to transition to the world after school and provides an opportunity for school-aged children to learn about diversity, acceptance of others and treating all persons with dignity and respect.  “Just Like Me” is a concept which promotes peer and other support to make this learning opportunity available.

just like me- no white




If you would like additional information regarding Communication Services or Youth Transition Services, please contact MERIL at 816.279.8558 or e-mail

I moved to St. Joseph a little over a year ago and a friend told me that I must meet the Deaf services (Communication Services) at MERIL right away.  I love MERIL because they helped me in finding resources and taught me how to self-advocate better.  Deaf Services and Bridge Interpreting knew what my sign language skills were and they always communicate with me, using MY language!  They also make sure that I have the right interpreter for my appointments.  I am very impressed with MERIL!!”   Carol Madsen


Radio Spots Featuring Communication and Transition Services

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